Sunday, June 3, 2012

Install Nero 11 on Windows server 2008 R2 and Windows 8

According to the Nero 11 page, Nero 11 supports all modern Windows operating systems, including Windows 7. And according to Microsoft, software that work on Windows 7 should work fine on Windows 8 as well. So, that means Nero 11 should work fine on Windows 8 but it doesn’t! In fact, you can’t install Nero 11 on Windows 8 Or windows server 2008/R2 When you try to install Nero 11 on Windows 8, you get “Nero requires that your computer is running Windows XP at least SP3, Windows Vista with at least SP1, or Windows 7” error.

Running Nero 11 setup in compatibility mode doesn’t help either. 
Users who have a legal copy of Nero 11 and can’t live without Nero 11 on Windows 8 may want to know a possible workaround to install Nero. If you are one of the early adopters of Windows 8 and missing Nero 11 on Windows 8, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to install Nero 11 software on Windows 8 with a simple workaround.
Step 1: First things first. Download your copy of Nero 11 from here. You may need to provide your email address to download a trial copy from Nero web page. Users who have a copy of Nero 11 on CD may skip this step.

Step 2: Run the setup and proceed until you get “Nero requires that your computer is running Windows XP at least SP3, Windows Vista with at least SP1, or Windows 7” error. Click Ok button to cancel the installation.

Step 3: Open Run dialog (use Windows + R keys). In the Run dialog box, type %temp%and press enter key to launch Temp folder.

Step 4: Here, locate the folder named NeroInstallFiles and copy the folder to your desktop (or any other location).

Step 5: Open NeroInstallFiles folder and locate nero.mmstrial.msi file. Do a right-click on the file, select Properties. Switch to Compatibility tab, and then select Run this program in compatibility mode for Previous versions of Windows option. Click Apply button.

Step 6: Now run nero.mmstrial.msi file and follow the normal installation procedure to install Nero 11 on your Windows 8 PC without any issues. Do note that you need at least 5 GB of free disk space on your Windows 8/Windows server 2008 drive to be able to install Nero 11.

Changes required for Windows Server 2008/R2-:

  1.  Download Orca MSI Editor (alt link and install it.
  2. Search for .msi files in the  NeroInstallFiles folder.
  3. Right click first msi file and select "Edit with OCRA" from the menu.
  4. Select "Launch Condition" from left-hand side window pane
  5. Edit the "Condition" value and remove the word "Not" (without quotes) from the last ( Remember not to remove the first Not word)
  6. Save the msi and close ocra.
  7. Repeat the above steps for all msi files.
  8. Also replace the contents of file oslist.txt located inside the folder <Nero install folder>\ISSetupPrerequisites\systemRequirementValidator with the below...
#White/Black list (+/-): Arch Major.Minor.SP.Build
#x32 systems
#XP SP3+
Arch=32 OS=5.1 SP>=3
#Vista SP1+
Arch=32 OS=6.0 SP>=1
#Win7 SP RTM and higher
Arch=32 OS>=
#Vista SP1+
Arch=64 OS=6.0 SP>=1
#Win7 RTM and higher
Arch=64 OS>=
#Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 (ProductType!=VER_NT_WORKSTATION)
OS>=6.0 ProductType=1
OS>=6.1 ProductType=1
#Win7 SP SP2 and higher
Arch=32 OS=6.1 SP>=2
Arch=64 OS=6.1 SP>=2
#Win8 and higher
Post modifying all MSI files start the setup again and this time you should be able to install Nero on windows 2008 server /R2. Contact me if you face any issues.